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His Story

Kirk's passion to help others was born out of his desperate search for answers after his heart was broken by the unexpected end of a romantic relationship. His life shifted between depression and an insatiable desire to get his life back on track. His journey was not only a healing but a renaissance of learning and growth. Now his work focuses on helping others see and live their power, purpose, and potential as the foundation for fulfilling lives and healthy, happy relationships.

Kirk Johnson

Find author Kirk Johnson "Mr Matters of the Heart" in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and family challenging and encouraging adults and younger people to live life fully. A creative writer and relationship builder rooted in The Bahamas, Kirk is a speaker, trainer, and mentor focused on intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, self-discovery and persistence.

Highly energized with a penchant for motorbikes and ping pong, he has invested the past ten plus years creating environments that facilitate growth and human development as the founder of The My Heart Matters Group, host of radio shows, Matters of the Heart and The Things That Matter in The Bahamas and a university academic advisor and instructor helping students "self-discover" and persist to achieve their academic and career goals.

Invite Mr. Matters to inspire and provide practical principles and strategies of teamwork, communicating for change, and leaders' self-discovery at your next community or corporate event or singles and couples retreat.

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Words of Support

Jasper Haeward. media consultant, journalist, author.

Jasper Haeward

Media Consultant

I met Kirk at Guardian Radio during his Things That Matter show, but long before that, his show, Matters of the Heart had been a listening staple in my household as a teenager. 

Kirk is a warm-hearted individual whose bright outlook on life and soothing way with words reminds you that there is still good in the world, and sometimes, love really does conquer all. Kirk has a wealth of knowledge on interpersonal relationships and human emotion, and I highly recommend reading his work. Just as he aims to do, you can seriously improve your emotional and relational wellbeing by applying a lot of his principles and approach, in your own way, to your life. Thank you Kirk for all you do!"

Ricardo P. Deveaux, DHL

 President & CEO,
Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year Foundation

“‘Mr. Matters of the Heart,’ truly your work is outstanding. I am extremely proud of your accomplishments with this book. You have captured the matters of the heart and I am sure that many individuals will be assisted by your openness. Continue to be that
beacon of hope.”

Dr. Walden smiling

Dr. Marsha Walden

Valdosta State University

“I have never met anyone like Kirk Johnson. He so earnestly believes in the potential of every individual he encounters. This book opens the door to allow the reader a glimpse of Kirk’s story, to see that while success and failure go hand in hand, there is always an opportunity for growth. If you need a bit of inspiration for your own journey, this is an excellent place to start.”

Dr.Sandra Dean Patterson, Bahamas Crisis Center

Dr. Sandra Dean-Patterson

Founder & Director,
Bahamas Crisis Center

“Kirk has a unique way of helping people to feel good about themselves and to think more deeply about their lives. In his book, Kirk fittingly calls on readers to look in the mirror of their lives and positively influence the lives of others."

Ranel Pierre

Ranel Pierre

Executive Director &

Production Manager, Redemptive Productions

“One of the things I appreciate about Mr. Matters of the Heart is his ability to speak directly from and to the heart. That’s exactly what his book represents. After reading only a few pages I was not only intrigued but inspired, cautioned, and advised to re-evaluate my own journey, the experiences I have had, decisions I have made and the woman I was, who I am now and who I want to be. As a reader, you may undoubtedly share a similar experience. You will not be disappointed. This is the voice we have been waiting for! Congrats Kirk."

My Heart Matters: Making a Comeback After Love Breaks Your Heart - Author Kirk Johnson

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