Introduction: What's Life Got to do With it? (Excerpt)

"A broken heart can affect a person’s life in profound ways. Yet, it is the decisions we make during a crisis that help define the person we become. In college, I met the woman I thought would become my wife. She was attractive, with full brown eyes and a dimpled smile. We fell in love, and I thought our relationship would make a perfect love story. Instead, the experience became a heartbreak of life-changing proportions. However, the story does not end there. In fact, that is where it begins. Whether or not we acknowledge it, we all have significant life experiences in which our choices chart the course of our present and future." Copyright © 2019 Kirk Johnson - My Heart Matters.

Chapter One: The Night It All Fell Apart (Excerpt)

"She looked at me, and her eyes were saying everything her lips would not. Our relationship was over, and she had finally decided I should know. She had my full attention as we sat across from each other in her living room. It was as if the pale yellow walls of the room and the dim lighting foreshadowed what was unfolding.

When I arrived at her house earlier that evening, it felt like something was wrong. I could sense there was something she wanted to say, but besides small talk, she said nothing. It would have been funny if it were not so awkward.

Several hours earlier, she arrived home on spring break from her university studies abroad. I always looked forward to her return trips to Nassau, but this time something was remarkably different. She was unusually withdrawn, and there were no warm kisses or playful smiles."

Copyright © 2019 Kirk Johnson - My Heart Matters.

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